Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Motivation for Softball Players in TX and CA

This summer I had the chance to speak at
ASA 14U Nationals in Midland, TX. 14&U
is the first time I ever won a National
Championship and it was fun to be able
to talk to these young athletes coming
up in our sport. I can remember the
fun times I had with my teammates on
and off the field when I was that age.

I signed autographs for a couple hours
before speaking to 100 teams at the event.
I also took a few pictures with some of
the girls.

I was watching the teams parade in and saw
one of my teammates from the 1996 Olympic
Team: Michele Granger. Her daughter was
on the team she is coaching (she was
pregnant when she pitched the Gold Medal
game in Atlanta, GA but we didn't find
out until later). Now her daughter is
a top player in 14U.

There was a great staff behind making this
tournament happen: and here are some of
the super stars who are volunteering their
time. They were so fun to hang out with!

And Freddie Ezell: ASA has benefited by
having him run all these tournaments. I
have been out to speak at 4 tournaments
through the years for him and enjoy
seeing him each time I go to Midland.
He has done a lot for these young
softball players and I am thankful for
mena and women like him who allow others
to follow their dreams because they do
all the behind the scenes work!

The day after I got back from Texas, I went
to speak in Huntington Beach at the Opening
Ceremonies for Premier Nationals. There
were teams in 18U, 16U and 14U.

The ceremonies were in a cool spot:
Right on the BEACH!

Afterward I ran into Amy Stewart (I played
against when she pitched at UNLV). We
played together when I was in college in
summer ball. She asked me to talk to her
team and afterward I took a picture with
her and her daughter, Taylor. She is
also an up and coming star in softball.

I love that this sport makes the world
so small! I see old teammates who are
now coaching their daughters, I get to
know people who are running tournaments
and I meet new people each time I go to
speak. I'm so thankful for all the
opportunities God has brought my way!

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