Thursday, August 18, 2011

Beach Days...

are quickly coming to an end. . .

at least the ones where a group of us
plan a day and all head to Newport
Beach. The kids love to play together
and us moms love to talk and get
tan in the warm sun.

The beach is the one place that I have
found that I can do absolutely nothing
and be so peaceful! Then again, maybe
that's because my friends are usually
with me and that is one of the best
parts about it! Either way, school
starts for all 3 boys next week (Luke
started Pre-school this week).

I have been very busy cleaning, organizing,
throwing stuff out, and preparing for
this school year. It will be my first
time homeschooling 2 of my boys. Jake
is going into 4th grade (he tested very
well this past year!!!), and Drew is
starting Kindergarten. I'm going to have
a little more free time because they will
go to classes 2 days a week with our
charter school. They will take classes
like: Spanish, computer, writing, reading,
Legos, P.E., Art, Kid Town and more. I
get to tackle the fun stuff (not really):
Math, Language, Spelling, Science, and
History. I am excited to see what this
year brings. . .

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