Friday, June 10, 2011

Proactive Parenting Network

I speak at schools and events around the
country and after getting feedback from
the students, I realize more than ever
that our youth needs examples and more
encouragement! They are faced with many
temptations and many find themselves in
situations that they don't know how to
get out of. As parents, we need to be aware
of what our children are dealing with and
PPN will be a safeguard when trouble starts!

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Proactive Parenting Network!

A few keys to why I am so excited
to join with this great company:

*This is a social media monitoring
tool which analyzes children's
conversations on Facebook and Twitter.
It doesn't just highlight a key word
and send out an alert.

*PPN's technology looks at the use of
the word or phrase and the words around
it and extracts meaning or behavior.

*It only sends parents alerts when there
is concerning behavior, such as cyber
bullying, sexting, or online predators.

*The website provides parents with
educational materials with the resources
they need to come up with a solution and
start a dialogue with their children about
the issues in question.

*80% of the content on the PPN site is
avaiable for free!

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