Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Tristan

 My nephew, Tristan, turned 5
today and we celebrated his
party at the BMX race track.
He has already been in a
couple races and he just
turned 5!
 It was a first for all my boys
and my nephew, Micah.
We were about to head
to the track with beach
cruiers until I called my
friend at the last minute
and asked if we could
borrow better bikes.  She
also has 3 boys, and she
let us borrow 3 bikes,
helmets and body
gear!!!  I am so thankful
because it made all the
difference in the experience
for my boys.
Luke just learned to ride
his bike a couple months
ago and he did great
on the track.  He fell hard
once, but got back up and
had a blast the rest of the day.

Micah (8), was a natural!
He went all out and
even caught some air!!!

 Jake went around the track
a couple times but didn't
feel like there was a bike
his size, so he hung out
and played with Brooklyn.
 Drew was a little more
cautious than Micah, but
still had a good time. 
 Justin (17), even had a great
time on the bike!
 Luke in his gear. . .

 The boys were all sweaty
and all smiles :)
 Drew had a good fall. . .
got a bloody lip and a
cut on his chin, but he
bounced back quick and
rode the rest of the time
with the others.
 Jake and Justin:
 The birthday boy: Tristan
 This was Luke's fall- I didn't
see it happen, I just heard
someone crying and saw him
like this.  Micah ran over and
picked him up and he was
 Time for cake:

 The boys all agreed that this
was one of the best parties
Brooklyn even had a good
time!  I'm sure she'll join them
soon enough :)

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