Monday, May 13, 2013

A beautiful Mother's Day

 I had a wonderful Mother's Day
yesterday.  My day started out with
church with my family.  Then we
went to lunch at Panera Bread.
And in the evening my mom,
sister and her family, and brother
and his family all came over to
celebrate during dinner.
 I am thankful to God for so
many reasons!  But the top
are for my family!  Things
can get a little crazy in our
home sometimes :) and
those who know us best
understand what I mean.
I still wouldn't trade it for
the world!  I am a blessed
 I love this verse:

Proverbs 31:28
"Her children arise and
call her blessed; her
husband also, and he
praises her"

On Friday night, I
attended the Limitless
Women's Conference
to listen on the first
night since I was being
interviewed on the
second day.  It was a
blessing to attend-
a reminder that we
have a God who wants
to help us to go beyond
our limits.  All things truly
are possible with God!
 On Sat morning I was
interviewed.  Tori Pena was
also interviewed- she competes
in Pole Vault for Ireland
and went to the 2012

 Some of my friends even
joined me at the event. ..
 Chanel and Me :)
 Tori brought out her pole- it
was amazing to see how big
they are!
 Patrick put the event on
(below) and his wife was
the main speaker.  It was
 a great event and all the
women who attended left
lifted up to go out and
accomplish their dreams!

I just have to share
Drew's picture of me-
right when he gave it to
me he said, I know it
is not good and doesn't
look like you.  It's always
the thought that counts :)

I love what he wrote:
"I love you because
you are the best, you
are a Creshtin (Christian),
and you give me a hug."

Luke made one too and
wrote that he loves
me because I love him.

I will never take being a mom
for granted and am thankful
for God's gentle reminders
that help me to be a better
mom when I start to struggle.

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