Friday, May 3, 2013

God is the Same. . .

yesterday, today, and forever!

That is what the Bible teaches
us.  I had to share on my
blog about a huge praise!!!
God is still at work in huge
ways all around. I am sharing
two emails- and am thanking
God for His mighty, healing

Here is the first email I received
a month ago to PRAY for
a family from my church
*R is the mom, M* is her
son who is in the hospital:

"*R's son, M*, (23 yrs.
old, with down syndrome) was
rushed to the hospital Saturday
(3/31) with a bad cough,
congestion, and a very high fever. 
It all happened so fast:  first he
was admitted, then transferred to
ICU on Easter Sunday and
hooked up to everything possible
including a breathing machine. 
He was (and still is) highly
sedated.  The doctor is giving
him 50-50 chance of surviving. 
Obviously, *R is beside
herself.  M* is so precious
to her.  When she was pregnant
with M* and was told he
was down syndrome the doctors
wanted her to abort him, when
she was 5 mo. along they wanted
her to take a pill that would disapate
him, and when he was born they
wanted her to "put him away
somewhere".  They said he
would never walk or talk. 
But to all their advice she said
"no" and took the child God gave
her and raised him into a precious,
loving, God-praising, walking and
talking, polite young man that all
who know him can't help but love
and appreciate him.  He loves to
listen to Praise and Worship music. 
In the hospital, *R played
Worship music on his IPOD and
(though he was sedated) he
struggled to release his hands
(which were restrained because
of all the apparatus in him) to lift
up his arms and praise the Lord -
which he always does when he hears
Praise and Worship music! Please
pray for M*'s healing and for
him to feel comfort at this frustrating
time - he just doesn't understand
what is happening to him. And please
pray for *R's physical healing
and the emotional strength to get
 through this.  So much negative has
happened to her the last 10 years -
losing M* could be more than
she could bare.  May His Mercy
shine on that hospital room with
peace, joy, strength and healing."

WAS NOT looking good at all.
I received multiple emails to
keep praying and callilng out to
God.  And this was an email I
received a couple days ago:
Saturday - 4/27/13

Earlier this week M*’s lung
doctor again confided with
*R and told her something
amazing that occurred when
M* was first transferred to
ICU. While the doctors and
nurses were hooking M*
up to all the necessary medical
equipment, he actually died
twice. Two cardiac arrests:
one for 9 minutes and one for
7 minutes. He was kept alive
manually by the lung doctor
and the cardiac doctor. The
cardiologist was sure M*
would not survive. The lung
doctor was very doubtful of
his chances also. And that’s
when we all start praying and
praying, and asking others to
pray and so on and so forth
until hundreds of people were
praying from one end of this
nation to the other. Oh, how
God’s people prayed!

One very sweet Christian
“sister” of mine on the east
coast replied to *R
and me in her e-mail by
(and I quote):

“God is faithful and He will
use this young man in a
mighty way in the hospital
as a witness.

The Lord must want that
hospital to be filled with
His Light,

and M* is His instrument
of choosing for such a time
as this“.

At the time, with my limited
thinking, I couldn’t quite
understand. I just wanted
M* healed. How was
M* going to be a
witness and cause God’s
light to shine? (He is down-
syndrome and sometimes
difficult to understand). But
God uses whoever He wishes
to show His glory and power!

So now M*’s lung doctor takes no credit to M*’s continuing recovery, but admits it’s a MIRACLE! He is so happy when he sees him each day - getting better and better. He calls M* his “prized patient”! The Infectionous Disease doctor also is amazed at how good he looks - how totally different than when he first saw him. M* is now awake and communicates via his hands and facial expressions (can’t talk with breathing tube in his neck). He seems to be accepting and understanding that he is sick, but is getting well - and actually enjoys the attention (yes, M*’s back). He smiles and laughs and is cooperative with the nurses. He’ll stay in the ICU another few days; because of his feeding tube he has a gastrointestinal problem that has to be tested on Monday. Please keep him in prayer for a full recovery. He’ll be transferred to a rehab. hospital soon."   I know we need to keep praying for a FULL recovery, but I can't help but praise God that M* is still here, only by divine intervention. God still does miracles and hears when His children pray!

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