Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Friends are Friends Forever. . .

if the Lord's the Lord of them. . .

That is a line from a Michael W. Smith
song and it makes me think of some
friends of ours who moved away
a few years ago and just came to visit.

The Lopez Family with their 3 kids,
spent a weekend in So. Cal and
after hanging out with them for
a couple days, it was so awesome
to be able to still be connected to
them.  Distance makes it hard to
stay close, and even those who live
nearby start to drift apart when
schedules get busy and kids start
growing.  It seems like we start going
in so many different directions and
you only get time with those you are
intentional about making plans with
or if your kids are involved in the
same things.

Sarah and I used to be in the same
Bible study and I always loved her
wisdom, even though she's much
younger than me :).  Our bond in
Jesus is something that always
keeps us connected and it was fun
to see their kids because two of them
were very young when they moved

It brought back a lot of memories.
Friends are a true blessing in life.
I am so grateful that God has brought
some very special women into my
life who are examples to me, who
are there for me, who I can laugh
and cry with, and who have Jesus
as the most important thing in
their lives!

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