Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 is in full swing

Happy New Year!  I hope you are having
a great start to 2013.  The first week of
this new year has flown by.  The boys
started school yesterday again, but the
flu has been hanging around in our house
for the past week.  Luke had high fevers
for a few days and now it's Drew's turn.
Both have bad coughs and Tommy had
3 days of feeling really bad and now is
congested.  Not such a great start but
we still count our blessings!  I am praying
I avoid this bug this time around.

My first trip of this year is this upcoming
weekend. I fly to northern California
to speak at Nor Cal Girls Softball
Conference.  I'm looking forward to
encouraging the coaches in that area
to impact the girls in this sport because
I know how much I was impacted by
the coaches in my life!

Tommy and I celebrated 14 years
of marriage on January 3 (the
same day as my mom's
Birthday)!  I am amazed
at all we have experienced together.
We have been so blessed and I know
all the glory goes to God!  I am thankful
for the fact that I have a husband that
loves God and  that we are teaching our
children to love Jesus with all their
I am excited for what this year will
bring and yet I know that the Lord
holds all things in His hands.  He is
the One who knows what tomorrow
holds, so I will hold on tight to Him
and His truth.  My boys and I are
starting the year off with memory
verses.  The first one this year was
Matthew 6:33:

"But see ye first the kingdom of God
and His righteousness and all these
things will be added to you."

Our second is Matthew 5:19:

"Let your light shine before men that
they may see your good deeds and
glorify your Father in heaven."

I hope you are seeking God because
He says if we will seek, we will FIND.
I am so encouraged when I pick up
the Bible and realize that when I get
to busy, I miss out on the blessing
and truth that I receive from reading
it.  God's Word is living!  Let's read
it and live it and then people will see
the light of Christ in us and glorify
God!  Happy 2013!

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