Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Back to the Bible Study

Bible study started again this week and
I was ready for it.  I love being a part
of a group of women who are like
minded and who desire to grow in
the knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

This Beth Moore study about the life
of John is another great one.
It has been great to see Jesus
through the eyes of one of
the youngest disciples and who
was so very close to Jesus.
To think it all began when Jesus
said, "Come and Follow Me"
and John did just that.

I can relate to how much God
changed my life when I
"went and followed Him."
My life too was dramatically changed
and I saw things from a new
perspective.  Thankfully, we never
"arrive"- we will always have room
to "grow and change" when becoming
more like Christ.
These are the women who God has
chosen to put in my path for
this chapter in my life.  We can relate
to all the "mom stories" and other
things that women go through!
I am so very thankful for these
They are not only beautiful on the outside,
the shine brightly on the inside for
the Lord!

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