Thursday, October 11, 2012

still going at a busy pace. . .

and it hasn't stopped since I got home
in the end of August!  I had one pretty
calm week when I got back from
Florida, and after that I jumped back
 into the busy, busy pace that
I left back in May!

So many things have been going
on and I am finally sitting down to
write about them.  This is just a little
update on the Amico happenings:

I have been homeschooling 2 days
a week, and the boys go to school
Wed-Fri. One of the first weeks of
school we had a field trip to the LA
County Fair.

I celebrated my Birthday (Sept 9) in
Virginia at Jennie Finch's camp. It was
so cute to have over 200 softball players
and their families sing Happy Birthday
to me. 

 We stayed at the cabin for the
3rd year and final year, and it
was so gorgeous!  We saw some
of the most beautiful sunsets!

That night I was supposed to
get home to my boys and Tommy but
we had a flight delay and that kept
me in Chicago for the night.  At least
I had good company (Toni, Andrea &
Jennie's parents) because we were
all stuck together.  I did get to celebrate
with family a couple days later at

 The following weekend we celebrated
my youngest niece's Birthday:

Brooklyn turned 1 year old!
My sister, Amy, threw the most
adorable pink lemonade party

I also did a softball clinic with
some former Olympic teammates
and some other National Team
members.  This was a really fun
clinic because it was held at Angel
Stadium and was put on by
RBI Baseball.

Jennie Finch had another camp
in September, but
this time in Michigan.

The last weekend in September:
Tommy and I went to Texas for
a God & Country Event:
Wounded Warriors vs
FCA Softball All-Stars

 We had amazing sponsors:
Two:Five Apparel Jerseys
Ringor Shoes
STX Gloves
& more

 We even went to a Rangers
Game while we were there.

 We did get beat up pretty good
by the Wounded Warriors.
Despite the fact that it rained
the entire game, we had an
awesome time! These guys
continue to inspire me in such
a huge way!
 One of the most memorable
parts of the whole weekend came
after the game when one of the
Warriors decided to go head
first into the mud puddle ALL
around home plate.  Next thing
you know0 another guy goes,
then Charity Butler from our
team dives head first!  I somehow
got peer pressured into diving
too by head coach David
 It was something I will never forget!
After we got cleaned up we
had a banquet and it
was a great end to a
memorable weekend.
One of the things that made us sad
being away on the trip, was that we
missed our boys getting awards
at school!  Both Drew and Luke
were named "Student of the
Month" for the first month
of school!
We are so proud of both
of them.
 We celebrated as soon as we
got back into town!
 It called for a delicious and
yummy celebration at
 We also had them sing Happy
Birthday to Drew because he
was only a week away from
turning 7 years old!

We have been working very hard 3 mornings
a week with the 100 Mile Club.
This is a picture at the park
where we run.
This morning Drew became the first
person at the school to reach
25 miles and  he received a
shirt in his class!

I am so proud of him!!
And Luke has only 3/4 of a
mile and tomorrow he
can be the 2nd in the
school to get this
award and a shirt!

Somehow we've also squeezed in
a couple trips to the beach since
it has been so hot in Sept!

This past weekend we celebrated Drew's
7th Birthday!!  He wanted a Batman
Birthday and he got it :)

 We also took cupcakes to school
on Friday so he could
celebrate with his class

 The party included a trip
to Chuck E Cheese for
games and dinner
 Then the kids got their goodie
bags and turned into superheros!

 A couple of Drew's closest friends
spent the night
 And we had hot chocolate and
pancakes to keep the celebration
going :)
 That night we went to a local
festival with our close friends,
The Menashe's.
 The kids had a blast running around!

We woke up on Sunday and our house
looked like this:


Once I got to church, I found out a
couple other friends from church had
been t.p.'d too and we figured out the
culprit! :) paybacks soon :)
Luke thought it was the
funniest thing he's ever seen!

So that has been the last month
for us for the most part.
I've been loving my Beth
Moore Bible study
group, I was able to speak
at 3 local schools in the
past week & I've been mentoning
a wonderful woman Anna:

Please pray for Anna's husband,
Ryan, as he battles stage 4 stomach
cancer.  We are trying to focus on
the Lord and are praying for 
God to heal Ryan completely.

I've been able to feed the
homeless a couple times when
I have been home, and
Jake has started a comic
class and Drew and Luke
are learning how to play
the drums!  There is never
a dull moment around here.
I am so grateful and thankful for
all the blessings and opportunities
in my life!  Tommy has been super
busy with work and just got back
from his awesome sales
meeting with Under Armour.
They are such an amazing company
to work for!

And off I go to New York tonight
for another softball camp this
weekend and I will be in
Ohio next week speaking at
schools for SportsWorld!
That will be another update
with lots of more stories I'm

Jesus is still my rock, my focus,
and I am thankful for it all!
have a great day. . .

 One more thing I must not forget,
I have been able to cuddle baby
Keaton (my best friend's adorable
little guy), who just turned 3 months
old.  He is so precious. . .and I am
so excited that I will be an aunt again
in 3 short months to another baby
girl for my brother and his wife!

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