Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

Last weekend we went to
the Cal Poly Pumpkin Patch!
 My family and my brother's family
met up to check out all the pumpkins!
This was our first year with none
of us bringing a stroller or cart
to pull the kids in or put the
pumpkins in.  We enjoyed it,
but next year Jessica will have
her little girl (due in Jan) in
a stroller when we go :)

Cousins. . .
 Luke was having a little
melt down and we made him
take a picture, so this was the
best we could get.

Our family:

 This January, Tommy and I
will celebrate 14 years of
marriage!  We have just as
many trips to the pumpkin
 Keith's family: Jessica,
Taylor and Micah

 The kids loved running around this
huge hill/area!
I even ran into my friend, Shari,
and her whole family.  We played
softball together and she was
my catcher from when I was
14 til I was 18!
 After the pumpkin patch, we went
into the huge corn maze.

 It was a lot of fun!

Another year, another family tradition. . .
My boys just keep getting bigger
and I still can picture them as little
ones when we took them to the
pumpkin patch as babies!

I am excited it's FALL!

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