Friday, October 26, 2012

Proud of my boys

I know I posted about Drew and
Luke getting awards last
month so here is a picture
of them together:

 And today Jake got an award
for Language Arts.  He LOVES
to read and will read for hours,
so he definitely deserves this
award.  I am pround of him.
He also got his shirt last week
for the 100 Mile Club because
he completed 25 miles.
 This is Lukey's teacher
 And the wall where they put
up pictures of the students who
are honored each month. 
 Jake was excited to get an
 Before I left to New York,
we went to Barnes and Noble
for a fundraiser for the boys'
school.  Teachers and student
and even the site director read
books to the students and if
you wore your P.J.'s there,
you got raffle tickets to win
 Even some of our closest
friends came to the fundraiser.
 It was a fun night for all
of us!
 I am proud of these boys. . .
 even if they are a little crazy
a lot of the time!

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