Sunday, August 19, 2012

Diamond Nation

Back in May, Jennie Finch,
Laura Berg, Mac, & I
shot video segments teaching
softball skills for Diamond
Nation.  We shot the video in
Lousiana near where Jennie lives.

 It was fun to be able to teach
with some of the games best
athletes and also to hang out
with friends!
 Jennie does so much for our
sport!  She is always in the
media and is such a great
example to all people.
 After shooting video, we went
to Jennie's place and had dinner.
It was shark and king mackerel
that Jennie's husband, Casey,
caught earlier that day and
prepared for us.  This summer
I have realized that I like fish
as long as it doesn't taste
real "fishy".  haha  I liked
the shark, but the mackerel
was my favorite!

 Then we went riding on her
land and we even fished in her
pond!  Too bad we didn't catch
 Jennie's pond

I always have a good time when I'm with these girls!

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