Sunday, August 19, 2012

Celebrating Jake's 11th Birthday

We celebrated Jake's 11th Birthday
in Florida
at the USSSA Pride
Owner's House (Don Dedonatis)
in July

The kids swam all day

 They ate lots of food, cake & ice cream

 They hit the pinata (we celebrated
Don's grandson's Birthday, which
is why it was such a fun party, but
it just happened to be Jake's B-day
too, so we had lots of fun!)

 The got lots of candy!
 Jake got some presents and
he got a Nook from Tommy
and me.
And we ended the night with
the biggest and best home
firework show ever!  It
was like a professional
show right in the back yard!
The kids loved it and so did
the adults.

One thing I forgot to mention,
we went on an alligator hunt,
but came up empty.  But we
did see tons of creatures this
summer in Florida.  That was
definitely different than
being in CA!

Happy 11th Birthday Jake.
I love you so much!

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