Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We are 2 1/2 weeks from Christmas
and I have not bought a single gift!
I need to take the boys to Target so
they can make a Wish List. It does give
me a little peace knowing that we only
give the boys 3 gifts for Christmas. I
think I'm better when the pressure is
on and the time is short for what I need
to do though!  I will get it all done. . .
one of these days!

Tomorrow I'm speaking at Chino
Hills High School.  At lunchtime, the
Christian Club is bringing people in and
a DJ in to speak and hopefully draw
others in and hear what God has done
in our lives.  I pray that God will open
hearts of students who don't know
Him.  I will share that I called myself a
Christian in High School, but it wasn't
until my 3rd year in college that I
understood what it reallly meant to
follow Jesus.

Last week I spoke at chapel at Upland
Christian HS and I shared about
Joshua 1. I love how God was ready
to allow the Israelites to cross the
Jordan and take  over the land that He
promised to them.
He called Joshua to lead them and
there were some specific instructions
given to him by the Lord.  To obey
God's law, to meditate on it, and to
be strong and courageous.  I believe
those are the same key points for all of
us to still be victorious these days to be
all that God wants us to be.  But a big
thing is to hear from God to move
forward and that's what Joshua did. 
Heard. .  .then obeyed.

I then spoke Friday morning in Las
Vegas for Fellowship of Christian
Athletes at the Softball NFCA
Convention where most college
coaches, softball vendors and anyone
else involved in the sport meets. I
saw many friends from the game and
also was able to stay with my college
roommate, Jenny Dalton (Hill).
I also met two athletes who play for
the Wounded Warriors Softball Team
that travels around and competes.  We
will be playing against them in Florida
in January.  These two guys, Josh and
Matt, were 21 yrs old and 23 yrs old.
Josh had one prosthetic leg and Matt
was a double amputee. I am always
thankful to meet the true heroes of our
country, but it was nice to talk with
them.  They had such upbeat personalities
and were grateful for the second chance
at life they had been given.

Saturday morning a couple friends
and myself had a garage sale that
was raising funds for a girls event
we are having in May that will be
about sexual integrity.  I know it
will touch a lot of hearts and there
will be powerful messages shared,
so we are hoping to get as many girls
as possible to come!

Well, that's what my last week looked
like.  We are always staying busy in
this house.  The boys are doing well
in school and enjoy the 2 days a week
that they take enrichment classes at
the charter school.  Tommy is busy
with Under Armour and we are excited
that all the product keeps getting better
and better.   Oh, and Grover is doing
well.  I hate to admit it, but he is sleeping
on our bed right at our feet!  The kids
love having a dog, and whenever we've
been gone for the day and we return
home, we have one happy puppy that
can't jump on us enough to let us know
how much he missed us.  It's been fun!  \
Always an adventure around here, just
wondering what's next. . .

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