Sunday, December 11, 2011

Don't Fear, Just Go for it!

Today my pastor was telling a story
about when he taught his daughter
to ride her bike for the first time
after taking off the training wheels. 
It brought back memories of when
Jake learned how to ride his bike.
And memories of teaching Drew
to ride his bike are very fresh
because he just learned this year.

Luke is still using training wheels on
his bike but to him, he thinks he's
the fastest rider there is!

As I was thinking about how I believed
my  kids could do it, but they had to
try, it made me think about how God
has things for us to do that many times
we really want to do and we think it
would be cool to do, but sometimes
we are held back out of fear.  My kids
were ready when we took off the
training wheels, but the process was
delayed a little because they were
afraid to take off.  I would tell them
how to do it, I would hold onto their
seats and run with them and I
would give them instruction on how
to stop the bike.  But I couldn't pedal
for them- they had to go for it.  Once
they overcame their fear, they were off
and riding!  Yes, there were a few
crashes when trying to stop because
all instruction went out the window
once that fear came back, but
lessons were quickly learned and fewer
mistakes were made.  We need to be
careful to remember God's warnings as
well because we can crash and burn
when we refuse to listen to His Word.
But I am thankful God doesn't get
frustrated with us like I can get with
my kids.  I do believe that He does
not want us to hold back from becoming
who He created us to be due to fear. 
We need to go for it and trust that He
will be right there with us, guiding us
and instructing us the entire time. 
Like my pastor said, that's when He's
the closest to us, right when we need
His reassurance!  And once we
take off, there will be no stopping us
because God's ways are always better
than our ways.

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