Friday, December 16, 2011

Luke's performance

Last Friday was pajama day for Luke's
class.  He wore his Star Wars jammies.
It reminds me of the day last year (below)
when I sent him to his class  in his
Toy Story p.j.'s.  Drew's class was
having "pajama day" so I assumed
Luke's class was too. I realized once
I walked in that it was NOT pajama
day for Luke's class because everybody
was wearing their regular clothes.
I ran out of there so embarrassed!
Luke didn't know the
difference because he was only
3 years old. If he was in Jr.
High, he would have disowned me!
It all worked out :) and now I have
a good laugh thinking about it.

Where's Lukey? :)

Pajama day 2011
That same day, while Jake was working on
school at home with dad, I had to run and
get my ring fixed, so I made it a date time
with Drew.  I love that "special time" as
we call it in our house.  Drew cracked me
up.  He asked me, "Mom, when I'm older
are you going to let me have friends who
don't go to church?"  I never really found
out why he was asking that because he
didn't have an answer, but I told him,
"Of course you can.  You will choose
your friends as you get older but you
also need to choose wisely because if
friends are making bad choices, you
might make those same choices."  He
said, "I'll probably just hang out with one
person for the rest of my life."  He was
talking about his best friend, his cousin,

We had quality time together. 
Our special time was at In-N-Out
(his choice, but my favorite too). 

That night we all went to Luke's
pre-school Christmas performance.
Luke was the Inn Keeper!
He said his line perfectly:
"No you I do not (have room),
but you can stay in my barn."
Mary and Joseph in the play :)
One proud "Inn Keeper"

Grandma came to support his
big performance too


Luke was singing  really loud with all
the other kids at the end.  We've heard
the song, "Mighty Day", a lot in this
house lately, especially when he's
in the bathroom with the door closed.
I'm just being honest!

After the performance was over,
we celebrated with McDonald's
ice cream sundaes.  And that
was all he could handle.  This
actor was so tired he fell asleep
sitting up.

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