Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fred Jordan Mission Toy Giveaway

Yesterday I went to Skid Row in
L.A. for the Fred Jordan Mission
Toy Giveaway.  I have really
enjoyed the events that the Mission
puts on and have been so honored
that they have allowed me to share
a little at each event.  I get so excited
to be able to proclaim the love of
Jesus to everyone around!

I took Jake with me for the day.
I love taking my kids with me
to help them see others that
have needs and how we can
help those people.  Earlier
in the week we went to feed
the homeless at a park in
Pomona, like we do every
other Thursday.  I took Jake
and Drew with me and we
brought blankets and flash-
lights that we wrapped for
all the people we served.
One of the guys said, "This
is probably the only gift I'll
get for Christmas."  I was
a few minutes late since I
was wrapping the gifts, but
I knew it would be worth
being late.

Back to the Fred Jordan
so many people come to
serve and even Minnie
and Micky Mouse came!
The kids loved it.
It's amazing how blessed you are
when you go out and desire to
bless others and love them with
God's love.
The Fred Jordan Mission is
blessing so many people who
are struggling in different
ways.  To hear the people
come up to Willie Jordan
and tell her how thankful
they are and how they want
to help serve there is so
amazing!  They are being
the hands and feet of Jesus.
They share God's Word,
then give food and gifts.
God provides the needs
of His children.  I want
to be faithful to be someone
who helps bless others with
the provision God has given
my family.

Merry Christmas!

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