Thursday, October 6, 2011

Off once again. . .

Where is the time going?

I can't believe how fast time is flying
by! It's already October! Two more
months and Christmas is here!

I know they say "Time flies when you're
having fun" (which I am) and "It goes
by faster with each year" (at this pace,
I must be really old haha).

Tomorrow. . .
I am off once again for another JFSC
(Jennie Finch Softball Camp). This
one is in New York and on Saturday,
I will be away for Drew's 6th Birthday.
We celebrated last night by going to
Denny's (his choice- and he is obviously
very easy to please). So we all had
breakfast for dinner along with hot
chocolate. It went great with the
cold, rainy storm we had. I also took
cupcakes today to his classes at Thursday
school, and that brought a big smile to
his face. He has a couple new toys now
so this kid is as happy as can be and
his birthday isn't for 2 more days.

Tonight I went to feed the homeless and
Jake and Drew came along. The past 2 times
we have gone out to feed our friends in
Pomona, there have been close to 30 people.
Most are homeless and some are really in
need, so it is such a blessing to give them
warm food, shampoo, soap, etc. and also
a message of hope that somebody shares about
the Word of God.

As I saw a group of my friends (some are new
just from serving together) preparing food
and handing it out to all these people, I
just felt in my heart that this is what it
means to be the "hands and feet" of Jesus
to the world. I know that can look many
different ways, but this is one way where
you get out of your comfort zone, take time
out of your already packed schedule, and
you hold hands in prayer and hug people who
never shower and yet are so grateful for the
food you bring and even the conversation they
get with you. There is also a family with
an 8 yr old boy, Christian, who comes
because his dad does not have a job. This
boy has the most beautiful smile and we,
along with others, have been able to give
him some clothes and shoes to wear. His
eyes light up when he sees what we give
him. It is those moments that remind me
that I can never outgive God. God has
given me SO very much, and this is a small
thing and yet I feel God's hand all over
it. Thank you God for the opportunity to
serve these people! I am the one who
walks away with the life lessons from

Last weekend I was filled up (spiritually)
at our Women's Retreat. The title was
"Princess Warrior" and the messages were
given by Laurie Cole from Priority Ministries
in Texas. It was such a great reminder
about the battle we are in, and how we
will get beat down if we don't recognize
that we are in one and also if we don't
"put on the armor of God." I enjoyed
the time with my close girl friends who
I cherish and am thankful to have fighting
right alongside me in this battle! My
boys were in good hands (my brother's
family and also with my mom) as Tommy
was away for work. They always love
the time they get with their cousins!

We also had our 2nd meeting this week for
our latest Bible Study: Beth Moore's study
on Revelation: Here and Now, There and
Then. Only two weeks in and there is
so much wisdom and eye opening information
I have received. Staying in God's Word
by studying it and having discussions is
such an important part of staying victorious
as a Christian. I highly recommend looking
into a study group if you are not in one

Well, that's all for now! Just some info
about my last week- I knew I felt like I've
been very busy! Have a great weekend- I know
I will!

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