Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall = Pumpkins

The boys knew it was that time of year:
Time to carve a pumpkin.  So they
begged me enough and we went to
work.  This was the first year that
they did most of the work.  We only
had one big pumpkin, so we made
something on both sides!

It's been nice to have cooler mornings
and to wear jackets at night.  I"m looking
forward to the holidays.  And I'll always
be thankful for these memories. . .
just getting started

digging out the insides

hoping mom will bake them one of these days!


One side: Happy face

The other side: a Cross and a Fish

At the pumpkin patch at Luke's school

Showing Dad his work

Mom is so proud

Enjoying the fall season

1 comment:

  1. Too cute! I bought our pumpkins over a week ago...and we have yet to carve them! Love the cross and fish! :) We bake the seeds every we can pass some onto your boys......Love their costumes, too! Too cute....