Saturday, July 16, 2011

You have it all

"Hss divine power has given us everything
we need for life and godliness through
our knowledge of Him who called us by
His own glory and goodness." 1 Peter 1:3

Do you know Jesus? Is He your Lord and
Savior? Have you accepted His death on
the cross for your sins? If so, you
are promised eternal life in heaven!
There is no greater gift we could ever
receive in life. I finally understood
what it meant to have a personal relationship
with Jesus in college and it changed my
life completely! Before that I prayed
and believed in God, but I finally gave
my life over and surrendered to God. It
was then that my eyes were opened in new
ways and my life was filled with more love,
joy and hope than it ever had before.

In 2 Peter 1:3, Simon Peter was
writing and reminding those of us that are
children of God that we have EVERYTHING
we need for life and godliness. We have
ALL we NEED through Jesus. We can deal
with everything in life, good or bad, if
we will cling to the promises of the Bible
and God's Word to us. We also can be
godly in a time in our culture that calls
bad things good. We have everything we
need- the Bible tells us that and the
Bible is truth! Who has this? Those
who know Jesus personally.

Many people know this next point already,
but there are also many who don't know
it or don't believe it:
God has a standard to get into heaven-
and it has nothing to do with how good
we are. God's standard has to do with understanding
that you are not good enough and therefore
you accept what Jesus did on the cross. It's
all about who you know and not what you have
done. When we read our Bible and ask God to
reveal Himself through His Word, it becomes
very clear. The problem is that many people
don't read their Bibles.

I just spoke yesterday to a big group of
Chinese students and none of them have Bibles.
They receive Bibles before they go back to
China from the family that is hosting them,
but after telling them how much I love God
and what He means to me, some of them were
asking for a Bible right now. They want to
read and learn about this God they have
never heard about. Something we take for
granted, others want to take in and learn.
God is moving all around us and He wants
His truth to be shared with others. Pray
and ask God to give you the boldness to
share a truth from God's Word with somebody
this week. When you step out in faith, you
will be amazed at how God meets you. And
remember- He already has given you everything
you need for life and godliness so you can
take that step remembering this truth!

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