Sunday, July 3, 2011

Athletes International Ministry: Phoenix, AZ

A week ago, I was honored to be recognized
by AIM at their 27th Annual Conference. They
gave awards to different athletes in
different sports, but it is a Christian
ministry so the athletes are not only
recognized for their athletics, but also
for their faith. This was the award I
received: (It was hand-painted for all 8
athletes honored).

2011 Athletes International Ministry Award
Recipients are Jared Allen, Minnesota
Vikings - Jana Morris, Cowboy Mounted
Shooting - Nosa Eguae, University of
Auburn - Hakim Hill, UFL Las Vegas
Locomotives - Leah Amico, U of A &
Olympic Softball - Kurt Sauer, Phoenix
Coyotes & Randall Harris, World
Champion Powerlifter.

Larry and Wendy Kerychuk run a wonderful
ministry! Larry was in the NFL and has
lots of connections with Pro athletes.
God is using them in huge ways. During
the conference, there were different
speakers and in the mornings, they held
a football camp for the youth. These
athletes came to the talks and all of
them accepted the Lord as their Savior
after they heard what it means to follow

It was so great to go to an event and
be able to take my boys! It was a
great weekend for the whole family.

During the day, we had lots of time
to swim and enjoy the Pointe Tapatio
Resort at Lookout Mountain: we had to
be in the water in the 110 degree heat!

A couple of the speakers were: Bill McCartney
(Promise Keepers) and Aeneas Williams (Cardinals).
It is so encouraging to meet others who love the
Lord passionately and were so successful in
sports. I am a firm believer that if you
use the same passion toward what you love
and turn that passion to Jesus, there is
no stopping how much God will use you!

The last morning there we attended Phoenix
First Assembly and Bill McCartney spoke.
Kurt Sauer and I gave short interviews.
Pray that God will continue to change hearts
and minds for His glory through Athletes

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