Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Little Update

Hey everyone- I hope you are enjoying your
summer as much as we are. It seems to be
flying by! I have been enjoying more free
time and running on my treadmill a lot
lately. I'm trying to get in shape and stay
in shape, especially after not really doing
any type of exercise all last year! We
had a great vacation in Zion, Utah a couple
weeks ago:

Last week we celebrated Jake's
10th Birthday, went to Raging Waters, and
went to the beach. Like I said, we are
ENJOYING our summer vacation! I almost forgot,
we also went to urgent care and Luke had
to get stitches in his chin because he fell
off the stairs and onto the tile and split
it open. I had to get stitches twice in my
chin growing up, so I guess Luke is taking
after his mom :).

Jake is 10 years old!

I have to throw in this picture from
the Athletes International Conference:

I recently read a book by Becky Tirabassi:
Let God Talk to You: When You Hear Him, You
Will Never Be the Same. I highly recommend
it for anyone who wants to hear God speak to
you intimately. I have had amazing experiences
as I have learned to "Be Still" before the Lord
and listen to Him speak to my heart directly
and many of the things that she wrote about,
I have experienced. I do have to say that
I was convicted and have been committing more
time to God because I know that when I get too
busy, I am missing out on all that God wants
to teach me. I am always so blessed and
refreshed after spending time in prayer, reading
my Bible, and letting God talk to me!

I also read the book: Reshaping It All: Motivation
for Physical and Spiritual Fitness by Candace
Cameron-Bure. It was a good book and I love how
bold she is about her faith. I don't know that
I can be as disciplined as her in what she eats,
but I am just as motivated as ever to keep working
out hard and speaking out about my faith.

Next week I'm heading to Orlando, Florida for the
Under Armour All-American HS Softball Game. This
will be my 4th year coaching in it and it has been
a lot of fun every time. Tommy continues to work
hard for Under Armour and the boys are getting
tan from all the time in the sun. God is good!

On a sad note, a friend who I met while speaking
in Virginia a year and a half ago lost her mom
to cancer last week. I had prayed with tears
many times for them, but thankfully she knew
Jesus as her Lord and Savior and Norma is no
longer suffering but is now rejoicing in heaven.
I cannot imagine Bridget's pain, but know the
only One, God, who can bring her any peace
and comfort. I am so glad that this is not our
true home. Heaven is what we look toward- there
will be no more pain and no more sorrow, no more
tears and no more fears, but there will be
the King of all kings and Lord of ALL lords,
Jesus Christ!

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