Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Super Regionals 2013; Tempe, AZ

 Kentucky and ASU met up
in Super Regionals in Tempe
 ASU has won 2 National
Championships in the past
 5 years and were the favorites
 ASU Coach Clint Myers
wanted to talk hitting while
I was there- I was his
student for a minute :)
 The great thing about traveling
to Tempe was how close it
was to home.  Tommy drove
the boys after school got
out and joined me for the
weekend.  They stayed
busy while I studied, prepared,
and worked.
 I was excited to work with
Cara two weekends in a row!
We had just worked together
on 7 games the weekend
so it was so comfortable
working with her.
 Her dad also drove out
from CA so we all hung
out when we weren't
working.  We even let
the family in the press
box for a bit :)
 Tommy was very excited
to have a Dunkin Donuts
in the area!

The boys and Tommy went to
the movies, swam in the hotel
pool, and played lots of games
on the kindle fire.

 ASU ended up winning the series
and advanced to the WCWS.
Kentucky battled and played
very well.

After the games were over
we went to a nice dinner
and walked around a mall.
It was nice to have some
family time just hanging out.
We saw these 2 huge dogs
and the boys loved them.

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