Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Karate & Open House

Drew and Luke finished their
second month of Karate.

They enjoyed it once again-]
and Drew wants to sign up
through the studio.  We will
try soccer first this fall and
see how that goes.
 We also celebrated Open House
so we could see all the work the
boys had done in their classes
all year.

 They all had great teachers
this year- Drew'steacher,
Mrs. Whitlow, definitely
pushed him to be his best
and brought out a lot in

 They had a lot to show us:
reports, papers, art, etc.

 Drew did a great job on
his Sea Otter Habitat- he
made his sea otters out
of clay.
 And the boys each got their
awards for runnin 100 miles
throughout the year!  I was
so proud of them.

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