Sunday, December 23, 2012

Family Time: Work/Play

Tommy and I both had to work
at a Las Vegas Coaches Clinic a
couple weeks ago so we took the
boys and made a family trip out of
it. We stayed an extra day at the
Golden Nugget where the boys
and Tommy swam, went down the
water slide and saw the fish all
around them as they did!

 The water was heated but not very
much :)

That didn't stop the boys from
swimming and enjoying the
Huge fish!
Going down the slide
Here you can see Jake in the
tube of the slide
Luke never went down the slide-
he was afraid he forgot how
to swim.  He went up to
the top of the hotel to enjoy
the view anyway.
The boys enjoyed staying in a
hotel and of course they brought
along their games. . .
We had a good trip all around!
Maybe we'll go back again
sometime when it is warm
outside, and then Luke and
I can experience the water
slide too. . .

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