Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jaded Faith by Jarod Osborne

This is the book I'm reading right
now.  I met the author's mom when
I was speaking in Ohio and she told
me about a book her son had just
written.  They were so sweet to send
me a book and he even signed it for

I thought it was an interesting topic.
Jarod talks about how when he grew
up in a Christian home, his faith was
very strong.  He knew a lot of Bible
verses, was very active in church,
was a leader in youth group and so
on.  But in college he had some
questions about some things in
the Bible that seemed to contradict
other things and he said his faith
started to get a little jaded.  He also
saw others go through similar
situations and he wanted to find
some answers.  I'm not done with
the book, but he is now a Pastor
at Indiana Wesleyan University.
He wrestled with the hard questions
and found that life with God is
a whole lot more meaningful than
following the broad path that many
go on that leads to destruction.

I would agree with Jarod!  It is a
narrow path when you follow God,
and you will have struggles and
challenges.  The Bible teaches that
we will have trials and it is through
perseverance that character is
built in our lives and that leads us
to the hope we have in Jesus!

I think too many people want the
easy way out.  They either want to
make their own rules or follow a
made-up God that allows them to
live how they want but who offers
them eternal life anyway.  When
things get hard, many people get
angry at God or question if God
cares, or if He's even there at
all.  I think this is why it is so
important that we check our
foundations of the faith we
claim as Christians.  If I know
the Word of God, and believe
the Word of God, and trust
the God of the Bible, then when
things get hard, I cling to the Rock
so my faith doesn't crumble. In
Matthew 7:24-29, Jesus talks
about building on sand vs. rock.
He is the ROCK.  When storms
come, and they WILL come,
I want to cling tightly to the
ROCK and want to be found
firmly planted after the storm
is over.  My conviction runs
deep, my passion for Jesus
spills out!  I want people to know
that if their lives as Christians
are boring, then they are not
living the Christian life! 

I look forward to reading the
rest of this book, but I know
that it is the plan of the enemy
for us to become "jaded"- I
will allow my God to protect
my heart from that with His
truth from the Bible.

*Thanks to Karen for having
her son send me this book :)

Here is what the book is
 "Many young adults are disillusioned
with the faith they've inherited.
They see the churches of their
youth as superficial and irrelevant
to their deepest concerns.
Meanwhile, culture pushes and
pulls them in many directions,
none of its pathways leading
to true life. In Jaded Faith,
Jarod Osborne confronts
head-on the disorientation and
disappointment you may be
experiencing in your own journey
of faith. He helps you navigate--
spiritually and intellectually--the
most common side-trails that
cause young adults to wander
from the Christian faith. For those
who still want to believe despite
their disillusionment, Osborne
illuminates the pathway through
jaded to a stronger, intellectually
honest walk with Christ. You can
find hope and life after being jaded."

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