Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election 2012

The election is over. . .
 The votes are in. . .
The country has decided that
they wanted Obama for 4 more
years.  I am thankful for the
opportunity to vote and make
our voices heard, even when
things don't turn out the way
I voted. 

I have seen a lot of social
media and have seen many
people talking about the mean
and racial comments that others
are making.  I guess I am
fortunate that those who are
my Facebook "friends" are
not making those same comments.
Yes, many people are worried
about how this election turned
out, and I am as well.  And many
people are upset about the
direction our country is headed
if things don't drastically change
from the way it's been the past
4 years.

I am hoping that our freedom
doesn't start slipping away
more and more in the near
future.  I am worried about
the debt in this country and
the weakening of our military.
I am sad that there is so much
support for abortion with this
leadership.  I am deeply
concerned about the fact that
this party is taking God out
of everything, including not
participating in the National
Day of Prayer and is turning
their backs on Israel. 

I also know that God is
still in control of ALL things.
I know that Jesus is coming
back and that we are to keep
our eyes on Him.  I pray that
people will seek God with
all their heart, mind, soul
and strength.  I believe as
people do that, God will
take care of their needs,
even if times get hard.  I
am still thankful to live in
the USA. I pray we can
hold onto the foundations
that our founders set in
place and that is something
I will be praying for often!

This photo says it all:

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I've been reading your blog for a long time but I don't know if I've ever commented. I agree 100% with you! It's so easy for me to worry and be upset about the direction of our country- but I'm so thankful that Jesus is coming back and that He's in control!