Thursday, September 6, 2012

New school year

The 2012-2013 school year has

Jake is a big 5th grader
 Drew is in 1st Grade
 Luke is in Kindergarten
 All my boys are officiallly in
school!  They are going to school
3 days a week this year and I am
teaching them at home the other
2 days.  They all really like their
teachers and have already made
new friends in their classes. 

Last week after I got back from
traveling we went to my sister's
house to celebrate my oldest
nephew's 17th Birthday.  Justin
was born when I was in college
at Arizona and he was only 1 year
old when I went to the 1996
Olympics.  He was so cute cheering
for me as a baby!  And now he's
a senior and so handsome!
 All the cousins were excited to
play together and they all love
Justin so much!
 I was also so happy to see
the youngest niece, Brooklyn.
She turns 1 in 9 days!
 We already took a trip to
the library.  The boys are
enjoying school so far. 
I'm crossing my fingers it
stays that way.
 I was also so excited to see
my puppy, Grover, but he
is attached to Tommy now.
I guess if he left me for 3
months, I might hold it against
him too :).  Hopefully I can
win his love back. haha

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