Thursday, September 6, 2012

Getting back in shape!

I had a lot of fun this summer, but
now it's time to get focused on
losing that extra weight I put on
during all that travel and all those
meals at 11pm after our games!

I always have good intentions, but
I needed to do something more.
So, I got an app on my phone to
keep track of what I'm eating-
I'm hoping that if I see how much
I'm consuming, it will be a visual
reminder to make better choices!
I also lose my self-control when
I get really hungry so I'm excited
to use my blendtec blender more
often with protein shakes and
green smoothies.  I'm going to
try to start taking more vitamins
and be more consistent with

This morning my boys started
the 100 mile club at school and
it was a lot of fun to run with
them.  Drew ran 1.75 miles and
Luke and Jake ran 1.5 miles!
I came home and jumped on
my treadmill to get more work
in the books and then started
an ab workout.  I realized how
week I am at all these different
exercises until I start doing it
more often!  It can be frustrating
but then I also remind myself
that it hasn't been a priority.
As I start to put the work in,
I will eventually see results.
The work must come first!

I leave for Jennie Finch
Softball Camp in Virginia
in the morning and I need
to make good choices on
the road too!  That is
something I need to work
on.  I just have to want it
bad enough, and at this
point, I do want to make
a change in my exercise
routine and eating habits.

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