Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thankful for Water

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with
your loved ones!  We had a great day, first
at the Fred Jordan Mission in LA where
many who are homeless and in need come to
get a nice, warm meal and also hear from
people sharing God's truth.  I was honored
to be one of the speakers and I shared about
Psalm 100. 

But, today I am thankful for water in my home.
I told the people at the Mission, that I learned
to be thankful for warm water in showers when
I was in Guatemala for 12 days and had to take
cold showers.  I also told them I am thankful
for clean water that I can drink.  And today,
our water line from our house busted and we
have no water inside.  And quickly I'm realizing
that affects going to the restroom (not being
able to flush), brushing my teeth, taking a shower,
washing my hands, rinsing dishes, doing laundry,
and more.  I don't think about how thankful I
am until something like this happens and I
realize how important it is.

And I'm thankful for my best friend's husband,
Josh, who is a jack of ALL trades and came
over and is saving the day as we speak.
Since the water line busted, all the water
was flowing out into the street until we had
somebody come and shut it off.  I'm thankful
for friends, and thankful for water.

Now I need to go find some bottled water
so I can brush my teeth :)

. . .

So. . . .

The problem was fixed by 8:30pm last
night.  We had a whole day without water
and it was interesting.  I went over to my
friend's house to take a shower and let's
just say that the boys were thankful they
didn't have to take a shower at all :)

Tommy worked hard and also, a worker
from the city came and helped us to unclog
the pipe once we had it connected again.

So, lots of mud later and a huge hold in our
yard, we now have running water again!
Thank you Jesus!!!

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