Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful for so much, while many have so little

"Generous hands are blessed hands because
they give bread to the poor." (Proverbs 22:9)

I was watching Life Today on TV and saw
the video of these children in Sudan. It
really breaks my heart and brings me to
tears to think about how much we waste
in America while others are starving to
death, literally.  I can't see these images
and not respond!  My heart is given to
God and because it is, I believe He breaks
my heart for what breaks His. 

If I turn my eyes away and refuse to
acknowledge it, it doesn't change the
fact that it is happening.  So as we
approach Thanksgiving and I go out
and buy exactly what food I want to
put on my table, I am COMPELLED
to GIVE money that just might feed
20 children for 3 months.  They don't
choose what they want to eat, they
eat whatever they can get their hands
on.  I am thankful for those who are
there giving out the food, but they are
also watching these children die before
their eyes for lack of food.

If God moves your heart to give (and
I know there are so many different ways
and places to give and times are hard
for so many), then check out

These are real faces, real people,
real situations that we cannot fathom
when we lightly use the words, "I'm
starving" if we haven't eaten in 3 hours!

I just have to share- my heart breaks
for these children who know nothing
but suffering.  The Bible says that for
he who has much, much will be required.
I believe that call goes out to ALL in
America because we have been blessed
beyond measure.

Thank you Jesus for ALL your blessings,
but God, I pray that you will remind all
of us to be GIVERS and to pray for
those who have nothing.

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