Friday, November 18, 2011


He's our new family dog.  I went to the pet
store with my boys to get mealworms for
our pet gecko and somehow we ended up
coming home with this cute little guy. 
My husband was out of town so I was
texting him pictures of this dog that
needed to be rescued.  The things is
that he looks like a miniature version
of my mom's dog, Smokey, that went
to heaven earlier this year.  He's 2 years
old and he's the perfect size: not too
big and not to small. The boys love him
and fight over taking him for walks
(just another thing for brothers to fight
about right!).

He loves to cuddle and also gets in a
playful mood where he loves to chew
at his toys.  We'll see how this goes-
it's our first family dog ever!

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