Thursday, March 17, 2016


 What a busy year last year
was and this year is starting
out the same!  I wouldn't
have it any other way.  My
boys keep me on my toes
and life is never boring!  I
love my family.
 Family time in Big
Bear is a yearly trip
for us.
 We haven't been to Disneyland
as a family in 8 years!  It was
so fun to go on all the big
rides with our boys.
 These boys are growing so fast.
 I spoke in Kansas in Februaty
so I was able to drive to visit
my Grandpa.  He turns 100
years old on March 30th!!
Happy Birthday Grandpa!
 Thanks to our friends, the Lewan
Family, we were able to tour
the fire station.
 The cousins LOVE spending
time together.
 Tommy and I celebrated 17
years of marriage on January
 Fun rainy day at Knott's Berry
Farm & a chance for a photo with
the Snoopy gang :)
Happy St. Patrick's Day from
these 2 cuties.
 Our 2 dogs: Grover and Teddy :)
 We had a great time over the
holidays with our parents.
They live in Boston so it's
always a treat when they
come to stay over Christmas
with us.