Sunday, March 11, 2012

What I've been up to. . .

Where does the time go?  I say this
so often!  We live in a culture where
we are going a million different directions!

So here's what I've been up to lately:
Tommy and I took a trip to Florida
a little over a month ago to see the
area where my boys and I will spend
the summer.  I have taken the position
as Assistant Coach for the USSSA
Florida Pride in the Professional
Fastpitch Softball League.  There
are 4 teams in the league and the
best softball players in the world
are competing on these 4 teams.
In fact, the team I will be coaching
has 4 players who were my Olympic
teammates in 2004 and two USA
Olympians from 2008 as well
as 2 Canadian Olympians.  I'm
looking forward to this opportunity!
My sister-in-law, niece, and nephew
will also spend the summer with us
in Florida.  I'm sure it's going to be
a summer we will never forget!

I spoke at a couple Opening
Ceremonies for Softball Leagues
recently (Chino Hills & Fountain
Valley).  I love talking to the girls
and parents.  I know that it's been
forever since I've played :) but I
love to share some highlights and
remind them to make sure and have
fun out on the field.  The sport of
softball had such a huge impact on
my life because of the people it
brought into my life.  I love sharing
my passion for the sport with others.

I also did a softball clinic for pitchers
and hitters with Eastvale Girls
Softball.  This is the local league that
my niece plays in and it is growing
every year!  I had a chance to speak
at Cal Baptist's Softball Fundraising
Banquet last month and then went
out to a game.  The team is very
good once again and it was fun to
watch them beat the defending DII
Champions in UC San Diego. 

Talking about college softball, I had
the chance to speak to some girls
with Oregon State Softball when
they played in the Long Beach
State tournament.  I shared my
testimony and talked a little about
"running to win the prize". 

I am thankful for every opportunity
I get to share.  It doesn't matter how
big or small the venue is.  I spoke to
a couple small mom's groups this
past month and it was such a
blessing to me.  I hope they were
encouraged as I shared what God
put on my heart for each of their
groups.  I always ask God to show
me what verses to share and what
points to make when speaking. I
am so thankful God always answers
my prayer!!!

Tomorrow I fly to Ohio to speak
for Sportsworld.  I'll be speaking
at 9 schools and 1 church.  So. . .
10 talks in 3 days! 

A number of years ago God gave
me a passion to speak to others
and encourage them.  I didn't have
many opportunities back then and
I wanted God to take away the
passion because I felt like I didn't
have an outlet.  Now I see why
He made me so passionate about
it.  During that time, I had a lot
of growing to do and still do, but
He has brought opportunity in
His perfect timing.  I will always
trust His plan over mine!

My wonderful husband is so
wonderful working with me
to juggle our schedules.  He is
such a hard worker and helps
so much.  I couldn't do any
of this without his help!  I know
God gave him to me for a

Besides all of that, baseball
season has begun.  Drew is
playing for the Pirates and
got a hit in his 1st game off
the machine.  It was his
first time ever hitting off a
machine.  I love seeing the
smile on his face and I can
tell he loves to play!  Jake
and Luke are his biggest
fans and love to cheer him
on.  I am thankful for my

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