Wednesday, September 7, 2011

On the Road Again

It's about that time to start traveling
again. This time I will be traveling on
my Birthday, Friday, Sept 9th. I will
be going to 3 states in the next week.

First, I will head to Virginia (Dublin)
where we will be doing a Jennie Finch
Softball Camp on Saturday and Sunday.
Last year we had 400 girls in Virginia
and we stayed in a cabin where we will
be staying again. This time Jennie will
have baby Diesel with her.

Then on Sunday night I will fly to
Pennsylvania to speak Monday through
Wednesday for Sportsworld. I had a
great time in August at the annual
conference. We took this picture:

These are the Pro Speakers for Sports
World. Click HERE to learn more about
this great group!

Wednesday is a big day because my
sister has a scheduled C-section with
my baby niece! I will go and see her
and this baby girl on Thursday when
I'm home. I can't wait!

Then on Friday I will fly to Arkansas
to speak at Greenwood First Baptist
Church for a Girl's Event on Friday
night. This is my passion! I'm
excited to see God show up!

It's going to be a busy week- I know
I will have amazing experiences and
meet new people. I'm praying for
flights to be on time so I can make
all my appearances. I also can't
believe this Sunday is the 10th
Anniversary of Sept. 11th. I am
so thankful for those who have given
their lives for our freedom and for
those who are serving now. We need
to always remember what happened 10
years ago- and to continue to be
grateful for all we have in this
great country. Above all, God is
in control! I want to be in the
middle of His will and pray that
you will experience that as well.

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